Founded by GH avisualagency in 2006, GHava{Press} is an Brooklyn based, independent publishing platform for both emerging and established artists. After gaining 12 years experience creating printed matter for commercial clients, the agency decided to apply its love and understanding of the medium to the publishing of unique, limited edition books featuring select artists

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Sadek Bazaraa is a multi-media artist and designer working in the realms of art direction, commercial design and fine art. As one of the founding partners of the seminal direction and design studio GHAVA, Bazaraa has over 18 years experience working within the overlap of art and design on numerous commercial projects for clients such as IBM, Google, Current TV, Nokia, powerHouse Books, Warp Records, and Mtv.


GHava{Press} Releases

ISBN: 0 9716702 0 x

The Elizabeth Kent Story



Free Download

Original cost $30.00

5.625 x 7 inches

PDF - Original: Paperback


130 color pages

Limited edition run: 1,000

Available for the first time ever! We are offering a free digital download of the first book self published by GH avisualagency, formerly Graphic Havoc. The Elizabeth Kent Story was published in 2002 with a limited and numbered run of 1000: SOLD OUT.

Compiled between 1999 and 2002, The Elizabeth Kent Story is a collection of pages, both individual and collaborative, from the members of GH avisualagency. The original book was printed as a limited and hand numbered edition of 1000. The printing was done by The Thomas and Bohannon Printing Company on their 2 color ryobi press (the original book was printed in 6 colors. phew.) We hope that you enjoy this glimpse into our early publishing endeavor.

BIO: GH avisualagency (formerly known as Graphic Havoc) is an artist collective working in design, direction and strategy, based in Brooklyn, NY. Founded in Atlanta, GA in 1994, the group of five artists works within the overlap of art and commerce to explore the collaborative process and its effects on both fine art and commercial projects. Each member pursues his own individual artistic goals then brings that experience to bear on the collaborative projects within the framework of the group.



First Release

Second Place

Jody Fausett, with forward by Bret Busch

9.5 x 12 inches

Hardback September 2007

120 color pages

Limited edition run: 3000

"J. Penry's work encompasses sexuality, the media, popular culture, and nostalgia, functioning as a reflection of himself and his generation. His sometime pornographic subject matter is almost satirical and is of vital sociological importance."

- Annie Ok, curator

Penry's bold line drawings are unabashed and distinct, vaguely reminiscent of Pettibon, but with a sly whimsy all their own. His artwork for numerous prominent NYC bands, such as Fiery Furnaces, Blood On The Wall, Panthers, and Love As Laughter, as well as his discriminating taste in sportswear, have made him one of the most renown figures of the current creative vanguard. In a fitting collaboration, GHava{Press} has chosen Penry to be the premier entrant in what will be a quarterly series of limited edition, collectible publications that will take an artist-by-artist approach to covering the best of both established and emerging creative talent. BIO: Stephen J. Penry was born in 1977 the year of our Lord. Was raised in the church in a Southern Baptist family. He drew Garfield the cat when he was six, naked ladies at 14 and naked men at 24. J is sexually attracted to confidence, popularity and arrogance. J considers pornography more important than hanging with friends. J has made some pretty good friends despite his predilection for masturbation. J also believes in God because he feels guilty talking to his mother on the phone. J would like to close on a good note. He got miracle tickets to the protest on Saturday and that's awesome because he has not seen Soundgarden in a long time.

SBN: 0 9716702 1 8

Castles and Christians J. Penry, with forward by Jeffrey Jensen

$24.00 6.625 x 8.875 inches

Paperback, Gatefolded Cover

September 16, 2006 96 color pages

Limited edition run: 1,200


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Castles and Christians special event Jan. 25, 2007

GHava{Press}, Iheart, and Wildcat special event celebrating the release of Castles and Christians by J. Penry. DJs Andy MacLeod and Johnny Rad with special guest performance by Cheeseburger. Thursday, January 25th at Iheart (262 Mott Street between Prince and Houston). Drinks generously provided by Dewars.




David Merten


8.5 x 11 inches


August 11, 2008

200 B&W pages

It's an epic meditation on intangibility."

- Patrick Bateman

"It stinks on fucking hot ice."

- Cheech

MISSPENT YOUTH OR: WHY I SPENT MY SUMMERS INDOORS is a collection of 200 re-purposed film stills designed to juxtapose the similarities of very different films.



Randall J Lane


7 x 8.5 inches

Photocopied zine


28 B&W pages

Darkening is an attempt at a return to immediacy.

After many years obsessing about and carefully laying out pages for book projects as well as over thinking client driven work, Randall felt an urge to create something with as little second guessing and editing as possible. To use a beloved old school independent publishing platform, the zine, as the outlet for some random photographs and doodles.




ISBN: 978-0-9716702-3-5


Cameron Martin

Texts by Martha Schwendener & Alexander Dumbadze


7.25 x 9.50 inches


April 01, 2009

144 pages

Limited edition run: 1,500

BIO: Cameron Martin is an artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He has exhibited extensively in the United States, Europe and Japan and has been included in numerous museum exhibitions, including a solo show at the Saint Louis Art Museum in 2006 and the 2004 Whitney Biennial. His work is included in the collections of the Seattle Art Museum, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Minneapolis Institute of Art, the Saint Louis Art Museum and the Whitney Museum of American Art, among others. He is represented by Greenberg Van Doren Gallery, New York. Purposely overlapping the traditional categories of artist book and monograph, analogue is an amalgam of images that forms a visual account of what motivates artist Cameron Martin’s methodology and production. New York Times art critic Ken Johnson has called Martin’s paintings “cultural signifiers, contemporary icons that stand for deep-running collective urges, like the fantasy of an intimate connection with nature.” The book’s non-hierarchical layout positions appropriated advertisements, travel snapshots, found images and studio pictures alongside reproductions of actual paintings and drawings, providing a complex view of the artist’s thinking about representation of the contemporary landscape. Martha Schwendener’s text comparing the process of writing about art to the act of painting, and Alexander Dumbadze’s essay examining extreme relationships between man and nature in the 60s and 70s, add further germane material to this unusual and remarkable volume.